✔︎   Motivated to take-on opportunities as they arise, instead of turning them away without giving yourself a chance to explore.

✔︎  Confidence to try things differently, instead of repeating similar mistakes that prevents growth.

✔︎ Courage to tackle challenging situations, instead of sweeping it back underneath the carpet.

✔︎   Trust: Trusting self (brings forth the best in you), Trusting others (leverage for collective growth, and universal unity).

All you need is being shown the steps that can guide you to find your own way, so you can...

Free yourself from the bondage of fears, believing you can't.

Rediscover and Utilise what you may never realised you have - Strengths &  Skills, Intuition, Trust, Hope and much more. Then apply these practical tools of MindScape on things you enjoy, reconcile any conflicts and accomplish that which matters most to you!

Building the interactive link to activate the enormous abilities within yourself

Grow and  break any plateau ... At work, In business, Overcome relationships; Health recovery; Sports & Performances; Preparations, Emotional and Spiritual growth; Decision making, Personal boundaries... etc. 

You can and you will find ways within, because no one knows you more and better than yourself!

Recover The Keys To Unlock What You Have Inside!

"Even though I know that friends, colleagues, family, therapist or doctors can't possibly know more about me, than myself; I still chose to trust them more, until I attended MindScape.

I'm grateful for having discovered how to be self reliant and enjoyed enormous personal growth since.  I began to realise that help from others provided short-term solutions, yet  'paralyses' my ability to be creative and  intuitive AND compromises relationship with myself (self trust) in the long-run!"

~  Irene

Introducing, That Stranger in The Mirror!


Attend this 2.5-Day workshop and you'll have a structure and process to bridge you, with the YOU; that's hidden/suppressed/hurt/locked somewhere deep within.

Discover the enormous hidden and dormant potential within and make peace with yourself, when you unlock these massive capabilities at your own pace, to enrich your life in ways unimaginable.

You don't need to let unknown reasons and guilt ruin your life and steal your dreams!

You don't have to sell yourself short and stress-out for no reason.


✔︎  Shift from obstacle-focus to having a structure to assist you to move towards your destination.

✔︎  Having guided steps to utilise the skills and gifts you have within. 

✔︎  Accomplish the life you desire and deserve in ways unimaginable. 

✔︎ Repair and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, by getting to know any inner fears, hidden qualities & strengths, or lack of motivations, that got you stuck or plateau where you are. 

✔︎ Reconcile self sabotaging behaviours when you discover the mysterious inner world, to understand whether it is trying to protect you from being hurt again.

✔︎ Recover any lack of imagination, creativity, intuition, confidence, self doubt, sense of purpose, by understanding the role of procrastination.

How much of your life was driven by  fear and 'restraining belief system' ?

Be fuelled by possibilities and live meaningfully like these graduates:-

Priceless realisation!!! I lived like a "slave" to myself.

I got to know myself more now (strengths & weaknesses), than I ever did my entire life. 

No longer need to depend on others' "unsolicited advise"  that derailed me from my own path.

Confidence increased progressively, and so did my immune system, health, self trust and self worthiness. 

Don't blame others, as I learn to be accountable for my decisions - personal or business related.

Instead of living in shadows of self doubt and insecurity, MindScape helped me connect with my inner child's fears, to become intuitive and congruent.

Family ties strengthened, for MindScape allowed me to see the problem from another's perspectives. Conflicts resolved without biases & prejudices.

Less stress and quality of sleep improved when problems don't linger,  yet solved faster  with less struggle and pain.

I'm now comfortable saying "NO", without  feeling obligated and guilty.

Able to steer and navigate the directions of my work and personal life; and see improvements  in coaching my team members and clients to find their own ways.

Increased business deals, when proposals are prepared with ability to anticipate client's need ahead of time.




Jul 14, 2017 

Jul 15 & 16

Sacro Costato Missionary Sisters

13, Scout Magbanua Street

Metromanila, 1103, Quezon City Philippines

(Fri: 2:00pm-6.00pm), 

(Sat & Sun: 9:30am-6.00pm) 


The aim of Mindscape...

Scientists have been telling us that the brain-mind utlisation is nowhere near it's full capacity, despite the many researches conducted over hundreds of years.

It was once believed that as we aged, the brain's networks became fixed. Loss of neurons is thought to be irreversible in the adult human brain. In the past two decades (1990’s), however, an enormous amount of research has revealed that the brain never stops changing and adjusting, and that led to its widespread scientific acceptance of this new discovery.

What is MindScape

2.5-day workshop with structured process in setting-up an interactive pathway to ‘access’ the inner you.

The capacity of how well the brain changes with learning depends on its plasticity.

Changes in how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain neural connections, as well as plastic changes during brain repair following injury, is called neuroplasticity.

Neurogenesis is the process where new neurons are generated in the brain, linked to changes in neuroplasticity, which is referring to changes in synapses and neural pathways in the brain.

Mindscape™ workshop provides you with structured process in setting-up an interactive pathway to ‘access’ your inner self through the subtle senses and subconscious mind.

The workshop highlights the key differences between the Brain & Mind,  it's Location AND Functionality, so you can use more of your brain's glial cells and live effectively,  productively, optimally,  peacefully and congruently with yourself.

Knowing you've explored all possibilities and done your absolute best to achieve your fullest potential, can be the most satisfying achievement for many. Some called it, Bliss!

You'll learn how to re-wire and re-pair the neural pathways from the hardwired brain that consists newly regenerated nerve cells (Neurogenesis) to form new connections and ways of doing things. This allows every human mind to stretch beyond its "conditioned limitations”, into “infinite possibilities”. 

The science behind...

You’ll learn to tap into the dynamism of your inner self at will, for:-

  • Awareness: self-realisation, self-reflection, self-discovery, self-trust;
  • Unlimited perception of ourselves, to perceive unlimited possibilities;
  • Connect with universal / collective consciousness;
  • Intuitive cognition: ability to trust insights, enhance sense of knowing, sharpen gut-feel;
  • Unlimited imagination for creative solutions and conflict resolution;
  • Making sound decisions and have peace of mind;
  • Self healing abilities and healing others . . . . . etc.

Course outline: The Instructor will guide you with steps to...


  • Practical exercises (Days 2 & 3), starting from - Re-build the “bridge" that separated you from your inner self, with structured process.
  • Set up a Framework to engage the consciousmind with the "language" of  inner world.
  • Make new neuro-connections using both physical and subtle senses.
  • Get-in-touch with your Inner-Voice, to gain clarity about your Strength-Weakness.
  • Reignite your dormant ‘childlike-qualities’ to connect with your creativity and suppressed passions.
  • Embark on Mind Journeys (commonly known as remote-viewing) to communicate with Nature, Past, Future and those beyond Time & Space…
  • Mental scanning - an exercise which validate your ability to connect with the collective consciousness to access universal knowledge
  • And much much more...

What you'll Learn  

In a nutshell...

  • Explore where the consciousmind can’t reach - creative solutions, out-of-box thinking, unlimited resources, collective consciousness...etc.

Transcend boundaries of what we have been conditioned to accept as the normal, which confines and prevent ourselves from trying
  • At Age 6 - What world views has been set for us, to live from, for the rest of our lives
  • Differences between the brain and the mind (Looking at Albert Einstein’s brain - there’s more connectivity, not size). 
  • Einstein had more glial cells and had more extensive connections between certain parts of his cerebral hemispheres, that is involved with imagination, creativity and complex thinking. 
  • Role of our 5-Senses: Physical senses connects us with the external word, Subtle senses connects with internal world. 
  • Scientific theories of Quantum Physics - Supports how MindScape works and why! (Example: Time travel concepts, what Einstein called, 'spooky action in a distance').

One who maximise the use of glial cells effectively, lives productively, optimally and peacefully.

Simply because you know, you've explored all possibilities and done your absolute best to have lived to your fullest potential.



14 Jul 2017 (Fri) 2:00PM - 6:00PM

15 & 16 Jul 2017 (Sat & Sun) 9:30AM - 6:00PM

Sign-up today and surprise yourself with how much MindScape can benefit and enriches your life.

Mindscape™ is a superb way of unlocking hidden potentials and using it to achieve Personal Excellence and enhance meaning of life, at home and at work.

General uses:-

  • Ability to tune in to patients/clients at various deep levels of being and even enables the practitioner to treat at a distance
  • Gain greater understanding in situations where client encounter conflict with another person, by inviting the person into her Mindscape "living room" to investigate the issues and obtain a multiple perspectives on the problem
  • Get contact with a specific area in client's body (e.g. organs) that is not visible with the naked eye or from interaction with client.
  • Unlock vast possibilities and your potential for self discovery, self-healing, self-trust, new experiences, and relationships with people, in family, business, work, school, and community...etc 
  • Overcome jetlag for frequent travelers
  • Unwind and de-stress the bodymind, and restore self-healing mechanisms through ability to  rest 
  • Seek for messages from a loved one (alive or deceased)
  • Resolve conflicts within yourself to have more purposeful and effective communication with self and others 
  • Resolve conflicts with family members, by inviting the problem or people into a 'safe and neutral environment' for discussion and opportunity to see  from their perspectives, and resolve matter without biases nor prejudices
  • Train the imagination skills
  • Enhance creativity to come up with creative solutions, and explore options with “out-of-box” thinking
  • Overcome mental limitations, societal expectations, self doubt, fears and barriers
  • Stronger concentration, memory and learning abilities, aware of resistance towards learning while discovering own learning style
  • Improve  problem solving skills
  • Mental training to transcend limiting beliefs and confined mental ability, and utilize this ability for any type of performance scenarios (public speaking, athletic events, exams, surgery and recovery process).

For therapists :-

  • Develop business ideas, relationships (with clients/staff/peers/leaders), improve productivity and decision making, and gain better clarity over doubts
  • Prepare for future activity (lectures, workshops, presentation, examination, sports, business proposals) by 'testing out' new approaches via mental rehearsals - creative ideas and insights often appear.

Be Found, Seen and Heard.

For work :-


The benefits and uses of Mindscape™ in your daily activities

Unlock massive possibilities for self discovery, self awareness, reconcile self limitations, creative problem solving and much more.


Remar M. Soliza

Cell Phone: 

Work Tel: +639163240741

MindScape Instructor

Irene Khor

Irene created the Stranger in That Mirror CD, so graduates can continue to utilise and enhance the connection with  their Inner world, after the Workshop. 

So you don't have to live like a stranger with yourself.

For Enquiries


Irene had the advantage of learning MindScape and Advanced MindScape from four different International Instructors.

She combines all the rich learnings with her own 11-years of application in her daily and personal life as well as in her BodyTalk Clinic practise.

Irene is confident that you will be able to integrate what you learn in your lives too.